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Einstein's CATHOLIC SCHOOL Years 1885-1888

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From The Private Albert Einstein by Peter A. Bucky with Allen G. Weakland, Andrews and McMeel, Kansas City, 1992, pp 85-87. This book contains the record of various conversations between Bucky and Einstein over a thirty year period.


Actually, my first religious training of any kind was in the Catholic catechism. A fluke, of course, only because the primary school that I first went to was a Catholic one. I was, as a matter of fact, the only Jewish child in the school. This actually worked to my advantage, since it made it easier for me to isolate myself from the rest of the class and find that comfort in solitude that I so cherished.


What are we to make of Albert Einstein's fluke?

It seems to me that his father Herman moved the famiy to a very Catholic Munich to make a go at it in the LIGHTING business. It also seems that young Albert's parents were "secular" Jews at best and that the Peterschule (this primary school) succeeded in giving Albert a base of understanding from which flowed his "First Paradise."

fluke? No, it was Providence, pure and simple. The only problem is that for his entire life Albert would not be able to comprehend this simple way in which our loving God acts. He grappled with it and then rejected a PERSONAL GOD in favor of a mysterious "cosmic feeling."

GOD is so much more than a cosmic feeling. And yet we might still learn from Albert.

I have three lingering questions that still need to be answered:

1) While enrolled at the Catholic Peterschule, from 1885-1888, were Albert's teachers religious sisters or brothers, and if so, what order did they belong to?

2) Whereas we know Albert learned the "Little Catechism" and instruction on the sacramental life of the Church, did he also attend the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass when it was scheduled as part of the school day? I doubt that in 1885 there was any provision for "study hall," conscientious objection, or special treatment of any kind, for back then rules were rules. So the question remains, did Albert witness HOLY MASS and if so, how many times? Based on my own personal experience in Catholic School in the 60's the answer would be YES and at least 6 times a year (for holy days of obligation). In some schools though, HOLY MASS is held at least weekly and it may be that young Albert witnessed TRANSUBSTANTIATION at least 100 times.
3) What was the event or situation that led his "secular" parents to seek tutoring for Albert in Judaism to OVERWRITE the FLUKE with Old Testament and Talmudic doctrine? This is key because it would only seem warranted if Albert was acting CATHOLIC!

If anyone out there can help me find this information, I would be eternally grateful. I am thinking of a trip to the Munich Archdiocese...Hey, maybe it is online!!!


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