Monday, August 21, 2006

Bridge over the River Street Kwai?

On a search for the latest info the blog world has to offer
on Einstein and E=mc2, this bridge photo taken somewhere
in China beckoned for me to take notice.

Please take note...we Catholics must build bridges
of TRUTH today, Truth that is the One, who is
TRUTH Himself, Our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

For if we fail to build bridges today,
we will be forced to build tunnels tomorrow.

By essential extension, His Eucharist is also TRUTH.
His Eucharist is the Light, Life, and Love that saves us.
His Eucharist is all bound up with good Creation,
for everything was created through, with,
in and for Him,
in whom we have our Being.

So why is it a stretch to consider the TRUTH of a relationship to E=MC2?

If HE created the laws of nature...
If HE is responsible for creating and sustaining nature...
If HE desires union with those souls who freely follow Him...

Then, if we ponder the both/and relationship between:

Divine Action (energeia) and E (Energy)
Mass and (m) mass
Light and (c) light

We see a curious connection, a bridge, a glove fitting a hand,

We see a blueprint both for the "Big Bang"
and the Last Supper

We also see the down side...

The mass destruction that might ensue
if mankind does not heed the warning


Please start the dialogue---
it is a matter of life or death.

We need to lift HIM up
and HE will draw all men to HIMSELF.


Imitate Mary
Become like Jesus
Live for the Triune God

Seek the Light of Our Lord Jesus Christ!
See you on the High Ground!


mc said...

Mike, thanks for stopping by my site. You probably know more about Einstein than I do. In your view does his mathematical work adequately address the Catholic belief of heaven and hell? Or how about comments he may have made in his writings? I remember something about Got not playing dice with the universe and also the need for science and religion to balance one another.

Mike Rizzio said...


Would you believe I just spent 90 minutes answering your comment and then one second before the final publish I bombed and lost it all?


I'll try again as time permits.

In a nutshell,

No, to your first question, it gives him too much credit. His math only supports his physics.

E=mc2 has life outside of math.

Why? Because if it is true, as a law of conseration of energy and mass, it relates to metaphysical reality of essence and action. It may be approached by math, but it is much larger than math.

In a way, I can see how it could be linked to heaven and hell, light and darkness, but Einstein who did not believe in a personal God seemed to be ambivalent on this point.

I can't believe I lost the whole thing...AMAZING


Earthpages said...

Mike... when I'm answering with longer comments I usually put it into my word processor and even save it as a draft. I've lost stuff too and it's no fun. Anyhow, the way I approach the issue is like this: I agree with the subatomic physics people that matter and energy are somewhat interchangeable. Matter is probably some kind of 'standing wave' of energy (scientists are now considering the 'string' idea, which I think is similar). But, and this is a huge BUT, I don't see the Holy Spirit and the many kinds of grace outlined in Catholicism as identical to the concept of 'energy.' A lot of subatomic physics enthusiasts do, and I think they're mistaken. Their kind of thinking leads one to believe that all religious experience is exactly the same because the math apparently brings it all down to a common denominator. Often I'm carved out as a "regimented Christian" simply because I report things the way I experience them. Rather than doing a politically correct gloss, I say it like I see it. I would even say that, in my own way, I’m scientific about my spirituality. As such, I’m compelled to rethink on a daily basis.

Beautiful image of BVM (Aug 22), btw.