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Three Glimpses of the Enlightened Bridge-Builders

J.M.J. + O.B.T.

A little historical background:

Roman Catholics are those who believe that the pope is a successor of Saint Peter, the apostle and first pope, chosen by Jesus Christ. The Pope was known as the Pontifex Maximus, a Latin word which means, the great high priest. Originally the word pontifex meant a bridge builder. The pope should be a bridge-builder.



A talk on the priesthood:

I have learned that a priest does not gain prestige by the robes he wears, but by the duties and service he performs in God's name. The charge of the priesthood is to convey the light of Christ to the world. This role is constant in an ever changing society. It means total involvement. The priest confronts many problems in the fulfillment of this role. Priesthood is defined as an embodiment of many things. He has to be a Liturgist, a Teacher, an Administrator, a Fund-Raiser, a Preacher, a Leader, a Guide, a Good Listener, a Peacemaker, a Father Confessor...a Friend.

Someone who gets along with everyone. At least tries to. That is quite an order. He must disseminate a value system, and uphold a moral code and be a guardian of Christ. He must be a recruiter of Christ.

He must be a "Fisher of Men".

He must be God's Bridge Builder. What is a priest? A priest is an intermediary or link between God and man. His mission is two-fold, to bring God to man by the infusion of divine life, and to bring man to God, by redeeming man from sin. There is a great need for Spiritual Renewal. Our young people, God Bless them, are seeking a moral center, and the meaning of life. The meaning of life will not be found in physics, or mathematics, but in religion. The only hope and salvation is the Church. The Church has to provide the leadership. We live in a paradox. We have the equipment, the know-how, everything that is needed is at our fingertips. We lack the will. The needs and concerns of the Church by Clergy and Laity are alike. Heritage, morality, and culture must be cultivated, and perpetuated.

We as Christians, have to stress and cultivate moral values in maintaining family, Church, and a good honest government. A priest is a Bridge Builder. We must all become Bridge Builders, and after building our bridges, we must cross them. Honesty, decency, and respect have got to be the order of the day. –Father George X. Gallas

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Sister Maria Gloria Riva of the contemplative religious of the Perpetual Adorers of the Most Blessed Sacrament calls this the look of faith:

For our special monastic experience, not to be consumed by accident in the heart of the cities, leads us to offer the laity the possibility to pause in adoration and to experience in their lives that, by fixing their gaze on that root of the Church which is the Eucharist, relativism can be overcome and Christian values can shine again in life, offering answers to ethical or other challenges that society posits continuously today.

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