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E=mc2 ... Most Holy Sacrifice of the Mass

J.M.J. + O.B.T. + M.G.R.*

  The mass–energy relation, E=mc2 states
that there is a universal proportionality factor
equal to the speed of light squared.

This bridge is clearly visible
in relation to the Lord’s Last Supper
and absolute sacrifice on Calvary
and the Eternal Mass,
the Lamb’s Supper
in Heaven.

In pondering this, it really should come as no surprise...

"God from God, Light from Light, True God, from True God"
The Nicene Creed is both pure simplicity
and daunting complexity.

"It would be easier for the world to survive without the sun
than to do so without the Holy Mass." –St. Padre Pio
So simple and so true...
but did St. Pio mean it literally?
I believe he did.

Energy = mass x celeritas x celeritas
Both spiritually and temporally!

EMMANUEL = MASS (At the birth of the Christ Child)
(Virgin birth as revealed in the True Light
that glowed from the manger and the guiding Light
of the Star of Bethlehem (House of Bread) )
(Is. 7:14, 8:8, Mt. 1:23, 2:2,7,9-10)

EUCHARIST (Energeia)  = MASS x Consecration of the Bread
x Consecration of the Wine (Corpus et Sanguis Christi)
(Mt. 26:16-46)

ETERNITY = MASS (In the radiance of the Son of Man/Lamb
who is the lamp in the Heavenly Jerusalem)
(Rev. 1:13-16, 14:14, 21:23)



Many holy people provide support for this primary connection; they come from all faiths and walks of life. Among modern day Catholics the list includes: Archbishop Fulton J. Sheen, Fr. John Hardon, Fr. Benedict Groeschel, Fr. Thomas Dubay, John Haffert, Dietrich von Hildebrand and Dr. Scott Hahn. Our Holy Fathers (who serve as Ponifex Maximus, supreme bridge builder) are fond of speaking of Christ as spiritual energy and this alone should spur discussion on the matter. As a Catholic whose spirituality is Marian-Trinitarian, I found that the deeper I journeyed into the energy realm, the more I grew in profound love for the Eucharist.

In research I found that the overtly Trinitarian properties of solar energy (nuclear core, radiation zone, and convection zone) and the clear symbolic language describing the transmission of naturally occurring electro-magnetic energy (cloud-to-ground lightning) serve to deepen one’s appreciation of both Sacred Scripture and the Eucharistic Sacrifice in Holy Mass. These analogies are striking for they are life giving, life sustaining and life renewing. And there is much more, so much depth to support this. The July 2004 issue of National Geographic is dedicated to the mystery of the Sun, its radiance and its power. This magazine renders a great service by describing in words, photos and diagrams God’s creative genius, His handiwork. The unsuspecting reader is escorted up the on ramp of a true rainbow bridge that leads to the Catholic Church. Viewing a computer animation of lightning has a similar effect, for the blueprint of the Creator is powerful, attractive, and very catholic.

Fifteen of the twenty Mysteries the Rosary relate directly to Light energy, and the Sorrowful mysteries shed a different light by showing the darkness that is at war with unity, truth, goodness and beauty. The film, The Passion of the Christ is a fine example of this, for it provides an opportunity to visually discern the Light through and in the darkness of sin. Meditating on light during the praying of the Rosary opens one’s eyes to God’s awesome power and the mystery that is manifest both spiritually and temporally in His loving, sacrificial relationship with mankind. Christ’s Proclamation of the Kingdom through sublime parables, and signs and wonders in nature is another fruitful tree for contemplation. It really is an inexhaustible supply. So too are the apparitions of Our Lady, all of which manifest Light energy, her reflected glory—the privilege of radiating heavenly grace to her children and to creation.

October 13, 1917
by Valerie Anne Kelly
If one opens the door to consider truth from the viewpoint of the Eastern lung of the Catholic Church, we see that the Eastern Orthodox define the Divine Action of the Divine Liturgy (what we term Eucharist of the Mass) as energeia. If Eucharist and energeia are interchangeable, we have a more precise rendering of the spiritual truth of E=mc2 Energeia = mass x speed of light x speed of light.  Continuing on this vein for a moment let us consider another Truth, another Light from the East.  GOOGLE: Easter and Holy Fire and you'll see for yourself.  YouTube the same for the numerous videos that seem to confirm this yearly miracle. Holy Fire from nothing...we gotta believe, or do we?

= Equals
Too obvious, or is the math that simple? Equality is truly an absolute.  Things are either the same (based on the perfect balance achieved in valid comparisons) or not.  With regard to the physical manifestation of E=mc2, the equal sign (=) is a theoretical (although not always practical) two-way street. It serves as a fulcrum. It is the site of potential transition and/or transformation. It is the exact location of conversion. Think of a see-saw and you get the basic idea.  Similarly, chemistry's sign of a reversible reaction (↔) relates the reagents to the products (resultants). 

If we now ponder the spiritual implications of the equal sign (=), we step up onto the ontological plane where existence, being, presence, substance and form each have their origin.


At first the obvious Mass↔mass connection is startling, even blinding. But, we must not rest on the surface. We have to understand the deeper reality of the missa to mass linguistic procession and how, when and why it occurred. In this capacity, I soon discovered that in Einstein’s native German language, Messe and masse weren’t even homophones. This caused me to take a big breath and hold it. It was during this short time out in September of 2004, that I was moved to focus on context, both cultural and historical, i.e., true relativity in Christ. This new compass direction was a bearing due East.

Latin was the chosen language for the evangelization of the New World. Three ship captains all hailing from what was Latin Italy—Christopher Columbus, Giovanni da Verrazano and John Cabot—piloted the great nations in this race for European control of the "virgin" land. Is not English the most likely language to re-evangelize the Old? Why not? If God desired the Gospel to be communicated to the world at the dawn of this Third Millennium would He choose, Arabic, Russian, or even Chinese?

I have come to believe that we Catholic Christians who communicate with the near universal use of the English language in today’s global culture and who celebrate Mass as part of the American cultural experience have been passed a golden baton. It is a tremendous responsibility, but we have help. E=mc2 might be engraved in the gold casing as a symbolic representation of the lost Ark of the Covenant, but it is Our Lady of Guadalupe who holds this scepter. The Queen of Heaven and Earth, the Ark of the New Covenant derives her power from her Son for she is clothed with the Light of her Sun.

As much as any previous gift from God to the U.S.A., I believe this baton represents the fullness of truth as it relates to America’s concept of Manifest Destiny. The Latin Missa was converted to Mass in a very Catholic old England, circa 1500, just prior to the Protestant Reformation. This late Old English Cristes mæsse, soon became known as Christmas. But England was already well on the way to losing her birthright as Our Lady’s Dowry at that time. It may be that the baton was spiritually transferred to America via Columbus’s flagship, the Santa Maria, which incidentally never returned to Europe for it was shipwrecked off the coast of Cuba on Christmas Day of 1492. It may have been passed at the Thanksgiving Mass that was celebrated at St. Augustine, Florida in 1565. A case might even be made for the celebrated Mayflower; after all, this vessel was a wine carrying cargo ship that serviced Europe prior to the Pilgrim’s historic voyage and time-honored Thanksgiving to God in 1620.

It is curious how we American Catholics appreciate Mass both as a gathering (ref. The Gather Hymnal) and a sending out, "The Mass is ended, go now in peace to love and serve the Lord." This duality in Mass reflects the dual nature of the High Priest: the Priest and Victim, the Good Shepherd and the Just Judge, the Alpha and the Omega, the God-Man, the ultimate Sign of Contradiction. A continuous gathering and sending out, breathing in and out, this concept more closely resembles the absolute mass in the Heavenly Jerusalem, as related by Dr. Scott Hahn in The Lamb’s Supper, than it does our liturgical life on earth where many churches begin to empty before the Dismissal, and doors are soon locked, denying access to those who might otherwise seek rest in the presence of the merciful throne of Our Lord. In Perpetual Adoration there is a movement to raise our sights to the ideal that is in and of Heaven. We Americans are truly blessed—but with this freedom comes great responsibility.

Illustration by Elizabeth Wang
We join the Angels at Mass, who echo our worship,
as if waving bright banners of gladness,
as we celebrate Christ’s glorious Resurrection
© Radiant Light 2004

Is it any wonder that in the past century the world’s mass media has linked the word mass (with a little m) to all sorts of atrocities from mass murder and mass hysteria to plutonium’s critical mass and weapons of mass destruction? The hand of evil is at work in all this. Henry Ford’s celebrated mass production lines may have started the trend. We Catholics are called to form Mass distribution lines to celebrate and worthily receive the precious Body and Blood of Our Lord in the Holy Eucharist—and to give our lives if necessary—to end it.

A similar case might be made with the word consumer. Jesus invites all believers to eat His Body and drink His Blood, i.e., to consume Him and live. But, the world’s message is that people are consumers—citizens of God’s created world are constantly referred to as consumers of the world’s perishable goods. Going deeper, Sacred Scripture teaches that man was called to offer acceptable sacrifices to God for His consumption. And yet, the powers of this world want to challenge man to be like unto a god and consume. And if this wasn't enough, there is now a popular composite term, mass consumption that is used to describe man’s insatiable appetite for the things of this world.

And while we are talking about human appetites, have you ever done an etymological search for the word mass?  Please visit the following site:  GOOGLE: Mass etymology   Were you surprised to find mass' origin intimately linked in Hebrew (maṣ·ṣō·wṯ), Greek and Latin to a lump of unleavened dough?

There is one more key to this discussion of mass and it involves both the word and concept of rest. For the Equivalence of Energy and Mass, E=mc2 to be simply true in Einstein's universe based on GR/SR  (relativity), we must use a form of mass that removes the relativistic effects of movement. To put it simply, the physical mass must be at perfect rest. Physicists have officially termed it MassR (Rest mass). Now, how are the gathered faithful to be present at Holy Mass...are we not to be at rest? Is not Sunday ordained by God to be the Christian's "Day of Rest?"

Celeritas by Tim Barton

Einstein’s conversion constant, C is the speed of light. Celeritas is Latin for rapid, and at meters/second, it surely is. Did you ever notice how 2.997 is extremely close to the integer 3?  Do you think it is a mere coincidence? Is there any other fundamental constant in all of science that has such a small deviation from the certainty of a whole number? Think about it. And what might 3 signify relative to the Triune God?  Oh and have you ever pondered the origin of the metric system and a Catholic priest’s desire for universalism in science? Paris, France eventually gifted the meter to humanity in the early 1790s. It also gave us the eight month Reign of Terror in 1793-4. Ah, that City of Light!  

Celeritas is Einstein’s one absolute in the created universe; even time changes relative to this incredible speed. Light may curve due to the physics of gravitational forces, but its speed is constant. Theoretically, to approach this speed is to change both space and time. Zero time is the limit as one accelerates very close to the vacuum-based C—this hints at the theological concepts that describe the timelessness of both the Dawn of Creation and Eternity. Science uses light’s absolute speed to relate the vast distances that exist between celestial bodies in the universe. Light-years, time-space expressions of distance seem closely related to A.D. Anno Domini. God divided history B.C.–A.D. when in the fullness of time Christ took on human flesh and was made man. The Year of the Coming of the Light of Christ was established as the center point (center of mass?) of created time and it remains so today, regardless of the scientifically dubious BCE –> CE redesignation. Light relates yesterday, to today, to forever. Madison Avenue loves the expression "Diamonds are forever," but we Catholics who the Truth should counter with "Light is forever, for He is absolute!" In another curious development, even the meter bows to the absolute speed of light. In 1983 the scientific community redefined this base unit of measurement relative to celeritas [1 meter = C x 1/(3 x 108) seconds] the Second (Higher) Power
Question: What must happen two times each and every Mass, a sacred act that involves the mysterious movement of Spiritual Light, Life and Love from heaven to earth?

Answer: The Consecration of the Body and Consecration of the Blood of Christ. Corpus Christi, the mystery of transubstantiation where Jesus is made truly present in His Body, Blood, Soul and Divinity. We know that this miracle is energy of the highest order, for it is the Son of God made present by the action, the power of the Holy Spirit, pure and simple, fully God and fully man.And light is in its very nature ...

both particle (corpuscle) a photon of energy—Host (Bread of Life)
(Einstein’s Nobel Prize was for this revelation in 1905, awarded in 1921)

and wave (frequency)—Cup (Precious Blood)

This discussion takes on added significance when the Eucharist is raised and exposed in all its radiant glory. There are very good reasons why a monstrance manifests the physical properties of the Earth’s radiant sun. It is not edging toward neo-paganism to acknowledge the glory that is found both in the Son-Light and the sunlight. They were never meant to be separated. Sacred Scripture is abundantly clear on this matter. The lives of the saints encourage a living witness of this unity, for it flows from the fact that everything was created through, in, and for Jesus Christ.

In the Old Testament, supernatural light engulfed and overshadowed the Ark of the Covenant—the Pillar of Fire and Pillar of Cloud. Were not both of these glorious lights marking God's presence for the masses? Next time you see the lighting of the candles on each side of the altar, remember what these two natural lights point to.

When the blessings of Our Lord’s Body and Blood (Mass creative power) are contrasted to the effects of modern weaponry (mass destructive power) the fundamental option: choose life or choose death, comes into brilliant light. The Eucharistic Christ is a "Trinity Project" for where one Person of the Godhead is present, all three are present. Abundant life flows from this Divine well-spring. The Atomic Bomb Trinity Project, the three nuclear weapons that America developed and exploded in 1945 reveal the exact opposite. While the Eucharist is the source and summit of the faith, the bomb is the result and crater of a lack of faith. Both demonstrate the enormity of man’s responsibility to serve God and not mammon.

The E=mc2 bridge offers mankind
a truth that helps one understand
the mysterious/scientific basis
for the power and the spiritual/
moral basis for the decision
to use it wisely.

Be praised, my Lord, through all your creatures,
especially through my lord Brother Sun,
who brings the day; and you give light through him.
And he is beautiful and radiant in all his splendor!
Of you, Most High, he bears the likeness.

St. Francis of Assisi

Brother Sun watches over us
His rainbow bridge beckons all,
To see His Light to be His Life
The promise of God’s loving call.

Sincerely yours in Jesus through Mary,
Mike Rizzio

Imitate Mary
Become like Jesus
Live for the Triune God

Seek the Light of Our Lord Jesus Christ
See you on the High Ground!

* - J.M.J. + O.B.T. + M.G.R. stands for:
Jesus, Mary and Joseph;
O Beata Trinitas;
St. Michael, St. Gabriel and St. Raphael

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