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The Mystery of Light REVISITED

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Light – The Origin of Matter

Biblical Basis for Modern Science Henry Morris pg 67-68

“The central triune reality of the physical creation has been described as consisting of the events that take place in space and time.  Such events occur in great variety, including all the phenomena of matter, of light, heat, sound, radiation, electricity, and even of life itself.  Greatly diverse though these and all other phenomena of nature may appear to be, there is a single underlying unity pervading all of them.  Each is essentially some form of motion (and of course motion necessarily takes place in space and time), and further, each is basically a manifestation of some form of energy.  Thus energy is the basic cause of every particular event and its associated motion.  The phenomena which proceed from it (heat, sound , materiality, etc.) are the effects, or consequences.  Energy may be defined as the capacity for accomplishing work.  Matter is essentially a form of energy, and can under the proper conditions be converted into other forms of energy.  But undoubtedly the most basic form of energy is light.  Matter is related to other forms of energy in terms of the famous equation of Einstein, the conversion factor involving the square of the velocity of light.  That is, E=mc2.

Biblical Basis for Modern Science, page 68

“…the third great reality of the universe, which we have described under the comprehensive term of the events taking place in space and time, can finally be described simply as energy, and energy in turn ultimately as light.


“One of the most profound discoveries of modern science has been that physical light (and, therefore, also matter, in its basic atomic structure) has two natures, apparently contradictory and yet perfectly real and harmonious!  Under certain conditions light manifests all the characteristics of wave motion; in other situations it seems to behave as a stream of particles.  Light sometimes behaves as an electromagnetic wave, and other times as an assemblage of particles.” 

“This dual nature of light (and of the atomic structure of matter) has been the greatest paradox of modern science.  Some physicists maintain that this is a contradiction and are hoping that further study will eventually be able to determine whether light is really propagated as waves or as particles.  But most scientists are convinced that this duality – they call it ‘complementarity’ – of light is real, even though beyond understanding.”

“Thus, both the wave nature of light and the particle nature of light are accepted as scientifically valid descriptions of the basic nature of light (and therefore of all matter).  Now one, and now the other, is manifest, but both are real….He who is the spiritual Light of the world made manifest, in perfect union and complementarity, characteristics of both the man and the infinite God!”
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