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OCTOBER 5, 2011 11:25AM

Beyond E = MC2:
Bridging Science and Spirituality, Part 2

Now that we have a vastly expanded our understanding of E, as the ability to love without limit, not merely the ability to do work, we turn our attention to C2. Recall that in Einstein’s equation, C2 represents the speed of light accelerated by the speed of light. That is pretty darn fast, but not quite swift enough for our purpose.

Remember what we know about vibration. It is the fundamental property of everything, material and nonmaterial. Some sort of vibrational frequency, however minute and minuscule, however immeasurable with current technology, is necessary for existence.

Without vibration, the ability to love (E) is not possible. Without vibration, life as we know it, not to mention existence in any way, shape, manner or form, simply is not possible. Without vibration, matter is not possible. Without vibration, thoughts are not possible. Without vibration, feelings are not possible.

The implications of no vibration go far beyond what we refer to as death. Not to vibrate is to cease to exist, to collapse totally into nothingness. To be or not to be? It all depends on whether vibration is present.

Vibrational frequency also determines whether we perceive something as material, or “solid,” whether we perceive it as energy in a scientifically measurable spectrum, or whether it is part of the energy range undetectable to our physical senses. It all depends on the frequency.

Thoughts, feelings, and beliefs also vibrate right along with matter and energy. Thoughts, feelings, and beliefs are varying frequencies and we may group them together under their collective description, consciousness, or self-awareness. This means the awareness of being as opposed to not existing, and the awareness of a unique and separate identity as a self that possesses the characteristic of being as opposed to not existing.

I vibrate, therefore I am.

One unique property of consciousness is its duality. The dual nature of consciousness has long been recognized. It is reflected physically in the two genders. Names for this duality of consciousness include the feminine and the masculine, the yin and the yang, the passive principle and the active principle, the dark and the light, will and spirit, feeling and thought, magnetic and electric, and so on.

Consciousness exists because it vibrates between the negative/magnetic and positive/electric poles of its duality. Because light is one of the inherent properties of consciousness (but far from the only one), the variable C2 may stand reasonably for consciousness and its polarized nature.

The polarity of consciousness imbues it with velocity, a property that Einstein ascribed to light. Vibrating between the negative and the positive, the magnetic and the electric, consciousness moves faster than anything else anywhere else, including light. Just how fast is the speed of consciousness, of self-awareness, of thoughts, feelings, and beliefs?

Merely instantaneous.

There are hundreds if not thousands of reports of instantaneous transmission of consciousness. Among these are the “thought experiments” (EPR) that Einstein conducted in 1935 with Boris Pedolsky and Nathan Rosen. They put a particle in a measuring device at one location and, simply by doing that, instantly influenced another particle far away. The trio refused to believe that this result, known as action at a distance and predicted by quantum mechanics, was truly possible, but experiments several decades later confirmed that it was so.
Einstein continued to refer to it as “spooky” action at a distance and hated it. His derogatory label was perhaps more spot-on than he meant.

Action at distance demonstrates so much more than the non-locality theory that is part of quantum mechanics. It is evidence of the instantaneous speed of consciousness. Scientists don’t recognize this thanks to their limited definition of energy, which keeps them from perceiving that energy and consciousness are fundamental equivalents, like matter and energy.

There are plenty of less theoretical examples of the instantaneous speed of consciousness. While doing some housework, a mother weighs the possibility of her family going out of town over the coming holiday. That thought had just occurred to her; she had said nothing to anyone about it. Yet the instant she ruminated on leaving town, her two-and-a-half-year-old daughter rushed into the room and asked her excitedly, “We going on a trip?” (Dallas Times Herald, May 14, 1989.)

Then there is the tale of New Zealander Susan Campbell, who awoke abruptly the night of Feb. 25, 1989. Sitting up in bed next to her husband, Mrs. Campbell beheld a vivid vision of their twenty-four-year-old son, Lee; she also felt a strange sense of foreboding. Unable to make anything more of what she had sensed and seen, she and her husband went back to sleep. Just hours later, word came that Lee Campbell was one of nine passengers blown out of a United Airlines 747 jet when a cargo door gave way at 23,000 feet, roughly 20 minutes into Flight 811 from Honolulu to Auckland, New Zealand. His body was never recovered.

The newspaper article (The Wall Street Journal, Feb. 3, 1990) does not mention the precise time of Mrs. Campbell’s vision or the precise time of Lee Campbell’s physical death. Many, of course, would argue that what Mrs. Campbell saw was a delusion or hallucination, that the mother’s experience with her child was mere coincidence, whatever that means.

Not so. Mrs. Campbell was not yet grieving because she did not consciously know that her son was dead. The deeper regions of her consciousness, however, definitely got the message before the news arrived by means we find more readily acceptable.

Let’s sum up our equation’s expanded new meaning. The divine essence/unconditional love-energy content of a body (E) is equal to mass/matter (M) accelerated/acted upon by the instantaneous speed of consciousness (C2).

E = MC2 like we’ve never understood it before.

This redefined equation formulates something far greater in implication and scope than the equality of matter and energy alone. This expanded equation asserts nothing less than a fundamental equivalence between matter, energy, consciousness, and unconditional love.
This expanded equation imbues mass or matter (M) with consciousness (C2) and energy, or the ability to love (E).

It endows consciousness (C2) with latent or potential mass (m) and with energy, meaning the ability to love (E).

And it adds consciousness (C2) and potential mass (M) to energy, the ability to love (E).

Applying Einstein's principle of equivalence, our expanded equation states that all of these phenomena--mass (M), consciousness (C2) and unconditional love-energy (E)--produce equivalent effects.

In other words, M, C2 and E are different manifestations of more than just the same law, as Einstein asserted. They are different manifestations of the same fundamental and ultimate source: God…

We have united science and spirituality in one equation, and have the makings of a TOE.

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E=mc2 is Proof for the Existence of God
ON AUGUST 24, 2012

E=mc2, rearranged to M=E/c2, expresses how mass is inversely related to light – which is exactly what a close look at the brain confirms. However, to see this connection – and at the same time resolve the paradox of mind and matter – we have to think of consciousness as the “light of self” and how apart from an image this light is meaningless. This suggests that there is no such thing as objective light – that all light requires an observer. Indeed by the time you finish reading this blog you will see that apart from God as the ultimate observer, E=mc2 would not be an accurate expression of physical reality.

The gist of the argument is that the interrelation and interdependence of mass, energy and light requires an image – and that, apart from an image in the mind of God, matter itself could not exist. Atheists might be offended but this is what the brain reveals. For example, it becomes apparent from the fundamental thermoregulatory design of the brain that an image – thanks to its expectable finitude – is the sole means by which the dissipative effects of the second law of thermodynamics are contained and the body mass is sustained.

The brain, most notably the connection between the visual system and the brain’s weight- and temperature-regulating core, robustly testifies that the energy which holds matter together – and in the case of the brain maintains its structural integrity – is released and channeled into the movement which produces an image. This means that, in the momentary absence of an appropriate and therefore anticipated image, there is an accelerating probability that the brain will become disordered and cease to exist. Fortunately, movement, intrinsic to an anticipated image, is initiated and sustained. And while movement itself is energy consuming, it has the overall effect of conserving energy and preserving the body mass – to the exact measure that, with the requisite movement, the anticipated image is perceived.

The resolution of a deeper mystery – the origin and meaning of consciousness itself – can now be discerned. However, we must first acknowledge how consciousness is meaningless apart from an image and is therefore fundamentally a process of minimizing an expectancy gap to which disorder and ultimately nonexistence are implicit – against the potential weightlessness of which the overseeing self sees and feels itself as finite or “conscious.” We can begin to sense how an image, invariably fused with an awareness of the body mass as a whole, is the means by which an ongoing disparity between the anticipated and actual mass is similarly and equivalently minimized by the perception of an image. In other words, the body mass is anticipated and sustained in the guise of an image.

We must further grasp how the movement which produces an image is consequent to the regressive character of this anticipatory disparity and how, as with any regression, energy is released – and, in the case of the brain, immediately channeled into creating or sustaining the anticipated image thereby averting further regression. This means that every conscious moment depends upon an accelerating probabilistic contrast, embedded within the design of the brain, with the weightless infinitude of one’s distant past. This also means that the interrelationship of energy, mass and the light of self depend upon how infinity has been encoded within the brain and body, in the very image of God – this being the only paradigm by which way the anatomical specificity responsible for expectantly producing an image makes any sense. As explained in my book, Journey to the Center of the Brain, this specificity defines the progressive lateralization of the motor system in a way that fits perfectly with the foregoing regressive design – thereby preserving the body mass.

It is not coincidental that sensation from every nook and cranny of the body mass merges with visual information in specialized cortical “heteromodal” centers before impacting the brain’s limbic weight- and thermoregulatory core the nuclei of which then tells the motor system what it must do in the next instant of time to minimize an expectancy mismatch to which disorder and nonexistence are implicit.

The universe, being a complex energy system poised between opposing tendencies toward and away from disorder – an opposition precisely defining an image – similarly  has an equivalent mechanism for sustaining its specificity and mass: E=mc2. We can now begin to comprehend how in a God-centered universe the “anticipation” of an image and an opposition of tendencies, describing all matter, are one and the same – the only scenario which unifies, mind, matter, energy and light with uncanny physiological and philosophical precision.

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The Sacraments are “Powerhouses” of grace.   As electricity—watts and volts—have power to enlighten and transmit energy on a natural plane, so are the sacraments on a supernatural plane able to transmit and communicate powerful spiritual energy that we call “grace”.

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Sincerely yours in Jesus and Mary,
Mike Rizzio

Imitate Mary
Become like Jesus
Live for the Triune God

Seek the Light of Our Lord Jesus Christ
See you on the High Ground!

* - J.M.J. + O.B.T. + M.G.R. stands for:
Jesus, Mary and Joseph;
O Beata Trinitas;
St. Michael, St. Gabriel and St. Raphael

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