Tuesday, July 10, 2012

On Value and Evolution

J.M.J. + O.B.T. + M.G.R.*

In trying to ascertain what is wrong with the world two words quickly come to mind.

The words are so overused and so meaningless that they fly off a speaker's tongue and travel through a listener's ears without even registering. They are resistant to analysis. They are the reigning queen and king of subjectivism.  

Queen Value (as opposed to a standard or God forbid a virtue) is seemingly everywhere. Family values, Christian values and American values lead the pack. Adding the word core to value makes a bold statement of commitment...Really? The irony is that once the value card is played on an unwitting audience it defies value judgment. Listeners are expected to take it at face value, as a given. We have been conditioned to think we know exactly what the speaker means. In one sense we intuitively do know, because the platitude has been used so many times before that it peals like a bell in our collective subconscious: Value is the greatest good, therefore someone who speaks about values has to be good too.. 

There it is, this strange yet direct connection with consumerism.  We all love value days at our favorite store. There are two-for-one values and Saturday Night Special values, Going Out of Business values and Value Days. True Value Hardware was really onto something when they went to the moral high ground by modifying value with true. Pure genius! Let's face it, we are fatally attracted to Valpak in our mailbox.

Summer Value Days - Standard Posters (6pk) - 22

Every time I see or hear the word value I cringe. 

NEWS FLASH...this just in from the Drudge Report, no kidding.


King Evolution (as opposed to progress or development) wields much the same effect. He hides in the shadow because he fears the light of day. He sucks the life out of any argument when he is revealed as a trump card.  He challenges all that is sacred to knock him of of the hill where he is enthroned by pseudo-science. He has conquered all domains from his humble biological birth.  He challenges the core identity of every human being.  He races ahead in uncharted directions without love or regard.

Queen Value and King Evolution reek with with the stench of utilitarianism.

And now there is a composite term making the rounds, valuevolution

The effects of valuevolution:

Mass confusion in society...
emotion driven existence...
personal autonomy...
no sense of sin...

Nebulous set of principles x unproven universal theory = valuevolution

Return to the Garden of Eden in the Book of Genesis....

the first sales pitch?
the value of just one bite.

Sincerely yours in Jesus and Mary,
Mike Rizzio

Imitate Mary
Become like Jesus
Live for the Triune God

Seek the Light of Our Lord Jesus Christ
See you on the High Ground!

* - J.M.J. + O.B.T. + M.G.R. stands for:
Jesus, Mary and Joseph;
O Beata Trinitas;
St. Michael, St. Gabriel and St. Raphael

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