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“TOO TALL” HUXLEY…a troubled prophet for our troubled times

J.M.J. + O.B.T. + M.G.R.*

Standing 6’4” he was certainly a-head of his time.  On November 22, 1963 during the same twenty-four hour period that witnessed the passing of both President John F. Kennedy and C.S. Lewis, Aldous Huxley (A.H.) was administered his viaticum, a massive injected dose of LSD.

Who ever said a prophet had to be a role model?  Even Jonah exhibited some less than virtuous traits.

It is truth to say that God “writes with crooked lines” and Aldous Huxley’s life and legacy is far too crooked for this casual observer.  We cannot judge his eternal destiny, only comment on the bizarre contortions of a most unusual mortal life. We must only observe with clarity…and heed his prophetic warnings.

Says A.H.:
"The Machiavelli of the mid-20th century will be an advertising man; his Prince, a textbook of the art and science of fooling all the people all the time."

A.H. wrote this passage well before the advent of computers. Now in this 21st century the Prince's textbook includes unlimited digital capability, an army of pollsters and analysts, community organizing footsoldiers and a complicit mass media to close the deal on the issue of truth.  We the People are now apt to being fooled all of the time.**

Says A.H.:

Upon coming to America he found it to be a curious blend of puritanism and hedonism.

The Catholic soul of America is the true center (where moderation is a virtue) and this reality is simultaneously being pulled in both directions: puritan (right) and hedonist (left).  A.H., the Anglican agnostic, observed both extremes but could not see the mean, this very real dynamic center, the Sacred Heart of the mystical Body of Christ. 

An analogy can be made by considering the nature/history of the Mississippi River—the spiritual center of our beloved “American Pie.”

Fr. Jacques Marquette, Louis Joliet and five companions “discovered” the river in June, 1673. The Jesuit priest was sent by his religious superior in New France to find the great "River of the West," called Michisipi or Missipi. Fr. Marquette and Joliet were blessed on this venture and in thanksgiving christened the river La Rivière de La Conception , the River of the (Immaculate) Conception in honor of the Blessed Virgin Mary.

This fact is historically verifiable and the name might, could, should have stuck. In his diary Fr. Marquette writes:

"Above all, I placed our voyage under the protection of the Blessed Virgin Immaculate, promising her that, if she granted us the favor of discovering the great river, I would give it the name of the Conception, and that I would also make the first mission that I should establish among those new peoples, bear the same name.  This I have actually done, among the Illinois."

Somehow La Rivière de La Conception lost favor and the mighty, muddy Mississippi was born in the American psyche…why is this so?

Oh, that’s right, nine decades later, France lay defeated in the French and Indian War and the victorious English erased this footnote in history. It was too Marian, too papist, and prophetically, now too Pro-Life for America to tolerate.

The same can be said for Los Angeles or LA the city offically named for a vaulted title of Our Blessed Mother, Our Lady Queen of the Angels.

Don’t forget:
We the People
must hold
the absolute
and true
moral center!

Says A.H.:

In the forward to The Brave New World Revisited (1958):

The soul of wit may become the very body of untruth. However elegant and memorable, brevity can never, in the nature of things, do justice to all the facts of a complex situation. On such a theme one can be brief only by omission and simplification. Omission and sim­plification help us to understand -- but help us, in many cases, to understand the wrong thing; for our compre­hension may be only of the abbreviator's neatly formu­lated notions, not of the vast, ramifying reality from which these notions have been so arbitrarily abstracted.

From the outset, A.H. gets this point right.  However he fails to identify Catholicism as this vast, ramifying reality. Since he cannot go there (as an Anglican/evolutionist/agnostic) all he can do is observe and comment in a veiled manner what he knows in his heart to be true.  This is the sad legacy of England’s 16th Century "Great Divorce" from Catholicism—great literary gifts that are lost to humanity and/or twisted by the evil one to do his bidding not God’s holy will. (((The Beatles (knowingly or not) took up where A.H. left off, but that is the subject of another blog.)))

Protestantism—at its very core—is based on omission (Real Presence, papal authority, permanence of the sacrament of matrimony) and simplification (sola scriptura, sola fide). Protestantism stands on the principle of the either/or while Catholicism begins with the confounding mystery of the both/and.  

Christianity was at its inception and forever will be catholic, for it is based on the universal missionary mandate of its founder, Jesus Christ, who in Matthew 28:19 commanded:  "Go therefore and make disciples of all the nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father, and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit." This echoed Genesis 1:28 where the one true God commanded Adam and Eve to procreate with the words:  "Be fruitful and multiply."

Says A.H.:

The prophecies made in 1931 are coming true much sooner than I thought they would. The blessed interval between too little order and the nightmare of too much has not begun and shows no sign of beginning. In the West, it is true, individual men and women still enjoy a large measure of freedom. But even in those coun­tries that have a tradition of democratic government, this freedom and even the desire for this freedom seem to be on the wane. In the rest of the world freedom for individuals has already gone, or is manifestly about to go. The nightmare of total organization, which I had situated in the seventh century After Ford, has emerged from the safe, remote future and is now awaiting us, just around the next corner.

And a little while later A.H. adds:

...government through terror works on the whole less well than government through the non-violent manip­ulation of the environment and of the thoughts and feelings of individual men, women and children.

Two points have to be emphasised here. The first is that so-called over-population (whether you believe the myth or not) is considered the enemy, the unrelenting catalyst that mankind has been conditioned to fear, attack and destroy. Babies are posited as the CAUSE. And the EFFECT which we are now witnessing first hand is over-organization, the toxic waste product of humanity's headlong rush toward globalization as a means of self-preservation against the onslaught of too many humans. A.H. intimates that it may soon become the nightmare scenerio of total organization (totalitarianism).  The other key point is that citizens of this over-populated/over-organizated global state are best controlled by a Lord of the World who uses government sponsored non-violent manipulation of environment and feelings.

In conclusion, says A.H.:

How can we control the vast impersonal forces that now menace our hard-won freedoms? On the verbal level and in general terms, the question may be answered with the utmost ease. Consider the problem of over-population. Rapidly mounting human numbers are pressing ever more heavily on natural resources. What is to be done? Obviously we must, with all possi­ble speed, reduce the birth rate to the point where it does not exceed the death rate. At the same time we must, with all possible speed, increase food produc­tion, we must institute and implement a world-wide policy for conserving our soils and our forests, we must develop practical substitutes, preferably less dan­gerous and less rapidly exhaustible than uranium, for our present fuels; and, while husbanding our dwin­dling resources of easily available minerals, we must work out new and not too costly methods for extract­ing these minerals from ever poorer and poorer ores -- the poorest ore of all being sea water. But all this, needless to say, is almost infinitely easier said than done. The annual increase of numbers should be re­duced. But how? We are given two choices -- famine, pestilence and war on the one hand, birth control on the other. Most of us choose birth control -- and im­mediately find ourselves confronted by a problem that is simultaneously a puzzle in physiology, pharmacol­ogy, sociology, psychology and even theology. "The Pill" has not yet been invented. When and if it is invented, how can it be distributed to the many hundreds of millions of potential mothers (or, if it is a pill that works upon the male, potential fathers) who will have to take it if the birth rate of the species is to be reduced? And, given existing social customs and the forces of cultural and psychological inertia, how can those who ought to take the pill, but don't want to, be persuaded to change their minds? And what about the objections on the part of the Roman Catholic Church, to any form of birth control except the so-called Rhythm Method -- a method, incidentally, which has proved, hitherto, to be almost completely in­effective in reducing the birth rate of those indus­trially backward societies where such a reduction is most urgently necessary? And these questions about the future, hypothetical Pill must be asked, with as little prospect of eliciting satisfactory answers, about the chemical and mechanical methods of birth control already available.

i.e., only the Roman Catholic Church stands in the way of world domination and enslavement.

Is it any wonder that contraception (contra conception, or anti-conception) is driving the news in this political campaign season?  What other issue has the potential of splitting the Church in two in one final attempt at dividing and conquering? 

Any successful community organizer is by definition an advertising man.

We must put all our trust in God. He already redeemed humanity. We cannot save ourselves and no mere human can do it for us, only the God-Man Jesus Christ saves. 

The the ultimate deceit was candidate Obama's HOPE AND CHANGE.  Buyer beware for "I heard Satan laughing with delight the day" America died.

God bless America!

Sincerely yours in Jesus and Mary,
Mike Rizzio

Imitate Mary
Become like Jesus
Live for the Triune God

Seek the Light of Our Lord Jesus Christ
See you on the High Ground!

* - J.M.J. + O.B.T. + M.G.R. stands for:
Jesus, Mary and Joseph;
O Beata Trinitas;
St. Michael, St. Gabriel and St. Raphael

**- Honest Abe Lincoln provided the benchmark quote, “You may fool all the people some of the time, you can even fool some of the people all of the time, but you cannot fool all of the people all the time.”

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