Monday, September 26, 2011

What if celeritas (c) is not the universal speed limit and 299,799,893 m/s is?

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If the lab generated neutrino (v) is actually
faster than the speed of light (c)
299,799,893 m/s
299,792,458 m/s
what does it mean for E=mc2
Well if one realizes that three other physicists derived variants of this mass-energy equivalence formula apart from and before Albert Einstein’s Annus Mirabilis in 1905, maybe nothing. 

After all, they did this without reference to either the special or general theory of relativity. For good reason one might conclude that E=mc2 stands on its own—c is still c and it is still the conversion constant (the speed of light in a vacuum).

Given the current belief that a neutrino particle has small yet unmeasurable mass and that based on CERN' Opera experiment, it can travel > c (something that cannot occur in Einstein’s understanding of space-time) general relativity could be on trial.

The life work of the Russian Nikolay Umov, the Italian Olinto DePretto and the Englishman Samuel Tolver Preston might soon be seen in a new light if the theory of relativity no longer holds absolute sway.

For an illuminating article on Samuel Preston’s work view:

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