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"Reflections for a Confirmation Class ... " Critical Mass

J.M.J. + O.B.T. + M.G.R.*

I don't have full agreement with the following teaching
but most of the author's key points are very close to what
I chanced upon during my research for Reflecting Pool.

I remember when I first found this webpage in 2005...

I took it as powerful confirmation.

I talked to Mr. O'Donnell a few years back,
and yet there is still plenty of mystery in all of this.

I think this effort needs to achieve critical mass
before it is graced by the Holy Spirit of Light and Truth

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"Reflections for a Confirmation Class
- The Holy Spirit as Christ Squared"
by Hugh O'Donnell

What do you imagine, remember or feel when you see a Communion host? The round, thin wafer of bread symbolizes many things to many people. For me, the Circular white slice of ground wheat Causes deep rooted awe and far reaching wonder.

As a Child growing up in a large Roman Catholic family, the Eucharist was Central to my religious education. I Can vividly recall a photo from our family album showing the family gathered around a young boy of seven dressed immaculately in a white suit. How proud and Complete I felt that Spring day.

Recently, I was asked to describe what images or thoughts Come to mind after receiving Communion. Upon reflection, the vision of a large, gold monstrance Containing a Circular white host Came to mind. I remembered the Holy Thursday evenings of my youth when my father and brothers would go to our local Church for an hour of prayer. We would kneel before this elaborately forged vessel shaped in the form of a sunburst called a monstrance. The vessel Contained a 2- to 3-inch diameter Consecrated host mounted in a Circular glass Case placed at the Center. Our vigil prayer in front of the monstrance Continued into the late hours of Holy Thursday night and Centered on the remembrance of Jesus' night in the Garden of Gethsemani. The experience for me was always very sacred, very masculine, very reverent and very special.

Today Communion brings back similar feelings of reverence and specialness. I still feel special after receiving the Eucharist on Sundays with my Children. The minutes after Choosing Communion are, without a doubt, my most sacred moments. Similarly, whenever I see a picture of Christ in the Garden of Gethsemani on the night before He died, my mind drifts back to the evenings of Closeness spent with my father. The memories give me a Connectedness to my past and my now deceased Dad.

Another sacred memory about Communion Comes from a trip I once made to Paris, France as a pilot for USX Corporation. I was strangely drawn to visit the Basilica of the Sacre Coeur (Sacred Heart) which sets high on a hill north of Paris like a huge white monstrance. I remember seeing the sparkling white Church towers from my hotel window while feeling a strong desire to visit the Church. When I entered the Basilica, I felt the sacredness. At first, I noticed only a few people scattered throughout the pews kneeling in prayer. The time was early evening on a weekday. Then I saw a large, gold monstrance elevated on a stand high above the main altar. I was struck with awe and reverence at being in this spectacular Church, under the Circumstances of a setting sun, in the presence of a huge monstrance Containing the Eucharist.

The experience in France Couldn't help but make me think of Pierre Teilhard de Chardin, a native Frenchman and favorite author of mine. I thought of how he might have also prayed in the Basilica and how the Church's splendor might have sparked him to write his awesome book, The Divine Milieu. Chardin has profoundly influenced my understanding of Communion and knowledge of who Christ is. Even though Chardin is often Criticized for having too mystical an idea of who Christ is, his image of Christ is one that is rooted in science and, for me, causes awe and wonder. On that day in the Basilica of the Sacre Coeur, Chardin's idea or wisdom of Christ burst across me as brightly as the rays of a setting sun as I knelt before the sparkling monstrance. My understanding of Communion has never been the same.

There was a time in my life, after the age of seven, that I did not feel the same Connectedness to Christ I now feel. I remember a time when I felt foolish seeing grown men praying in front of metal monstrances. I remember thinking how ridiculous the notion was of bread being Christ's actual Body and Blood. For many years my understanding of Communion was in deep Crisis and Chaos.

Today my wisdom of Communion in no longer in Crisis. The Chaos has been transformed into a new understanding of Creation. Thanks to a Jesuit priest named Chardin and others like him, Communion has new meaning. Now, in the same way that Chardin's understanding was enveloped in his scientific work, my wisdom of Christ is Conscious and Charged in science.

For me, the most vivid Concept Connecting Christ and science Comes in an understanding of Einstein's famous equation, E=mC2. Consider the implications this fantastic equation describing how matter (m) Can be Converted to energy (E) when acted on or factored by light speed (C) squared.

Just what is C2 in this equation? What is C Cross C? Is it the velocity of light squared or is it a deeper understanding of Christ as the Light of the World squared? Can the Concept of Communion, the Conversion of bread into spirit, be linked with the Concept of Converting matter into energy? Can the Concept of Concrete fact that is expressed in this equation be linked to the more abstract Concept of transubstantiation where spirit is Condensed and then bread Consecrated into Christ's Body and Blood -- or the Converse where man after eating the bread is transformed into the Mystical Body of Christ? Can this knowledge of C2 be the C Cross C Converting the Heart, or Coeur, of man into the energy of light, love and life?

What does my awe and reverence of Communion have to do with my infatuation with the letter "C"? Why does my Consciousness Concern itself with words that begin in "C" such as Communion and Confirmation. What is the mathematical sum of Closeness and Community + Connectedness and Chardin + CCD and Church + Core and Crisis + Circular and Completeness + Concern and Concentration + Compassion and Compression + Conversion and Concentric + Chaos and Creation + Character and Christology?

Why does the expression "C2" mean either the product of (C X C) or the mathematical sum of (C + C + C + C ...) for C number of additions? Why does Cross (X) mean multiplication? Or why is Cross (+) the symbol of addition? Why did Christ give up or give out his Spirit on a Cross? Why does the Einstein Conversion factor, C2, for Changing matter into energy equal a quantity that is almost infinite in size and speed and yet still Considered a finite reality in time. Can all these "C's" represent an understanding of time as Change that is both infinite Chance and finite Choice?

Why have international scientists Chosen the letter "C" to be the universal symbol of light? Why have biblical writers, starting with Genesis, Conceptualized both God and Christ as light? Could it be that the Holy Spirit is this light squared?

Why has science, with its international Community of disciples, formed the first truly Collective body that is universal in Character, united in its acceptance of open inquiry and devoid in its devotion to dictatorial dogma?

Scientific discovery has progressed Continuously by Cooperation of global scientists amidst even the atom bombs of World War II which epitomized the pinnacle proof of Einstein's E=mC2 equation. However now for me, the sunburst or bomb burst that warms our world daily is fueled by a reverent understanding of this equation ... a knowledge that states the scientific fact that in our Sun, individual hydrogen atoms give themselves up or out to each other daily forming more Complex helium atoms in the process of releasing light. In the same way, people give themselves to each other in unselfish ways daily forming more Complex and Connected Christian Communities releasing love and life. For me, Einstein's equation produces a wisdom of how the infinitesimal loss of mass that occurs as a result of four hydrogen atoms combining together to make one helium atom produces an almost infinite amount energy in the form of heat and light -- the same light which heats the blood flowing in my body.

What a remarkable understanding of the bridge between the infinitesimal world of the inner atom and the infinite world of outer space -- a bridge described as the bread of life -- a bridge that is both deep rooted and far reaching.

Is it any wonder that I now marvel at science and its fields of physic, psychology and biology. Consider physics with its CXC Concept of the Convoluted Continuum. Consider psychology with its Consideration of Collective Consciousness. Consider biology with its Connection in evolution to Chardin's Convergent Cosmogenesis. Is it any wonder that my prayers Center on Communion and the Circular "Son" burst around the host.

Is it any wonder that I Conceive the abstract Concept of the Holy Spirit to be Christ "squared" Concentrating his presence throughout the Cosmos Converting matter amid time and space. Is it any wonder that I teach my Class that Confirmation is a Chance in time to Change our Choice -- a Chance to Choose Christ. Truly this is Christ in a Cosmic sense and Cause for a Child's imagination dressed all in white.

July 15,1994

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Here is a refreshing banner from a blogger named Jenn.

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On a sad and curious note, the following pdf file speaks to the
improper way of understanding "critical mass."

God bless our Protestant brothers and sisters.

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A GOOGLE Search on the key words
"Critical mass" Eucharist is really an eyeopener.

It seems the Woman Priest movement has caught
on to the power of this expression.

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