Friday, July 18, 2008

The 333rd Entry

J.M.J. + O.B.T.

Breaking with my own tradition, this entry, after a month long hiatus and with no pressing thought in mind...

a few ramblings:

A day ago Pope Benedict XVI seemed to fulfill the John Bosco image of the Two Pillars in Sydney as he did in Cologne in 2005.

There are signs of great turmoil in the natural world.

There is great and deepening apostasy in the Church.

There are still 5-10 people each day who chance upon this sight and leave without comment.

There are scant few leaders in America (and elsewhere) who possess the moral courage to expound the TRUTH of the faith in the public square.

We appear to be primed for something big, something lifechanging.

THREE THIRTY THREE was the time of a lifechanging event in my life on June 13, 1999. It was a moment that still stands suspended in time, as if all the energy of my body was compressed into no space and then radically expanded into spirit and movement to accomplish His will, not mine. As a father to be, that moment was where I realized that HE is strong when we are weak.

I ask you all to pray that God reveals His purpose for my life work. At times it appears as if I am in a bubble with no way for others to either understand or reach me for dialogue. I again am weak, and I trust in His promise.

THREE THIRTY THREE is a key...... and the search continues.

And the finds continue...

God bless you!!!

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