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The World's Greatest Secret (3) "One Communion More..."

Painting by Beate Heinen, 1986

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Sometimes you have to wonder where all the information and misinformation of the INFORMATION AGE is going to. I feel we are way past the saturation point and that westernized humanity is on a chronic bender. Our use and abuse of information reminds me of the Roman use and abuse of food, the vomitoriums and the general state of debased entertainment that satified the masses.

Then there is the Holy Mass and quiet peaceful Eucharistic Adoration, the incredible antidote to the noise, the hype and the addictions of this NEW AGE.

I just found the following quote on WITNESS MINISTRIES

John Haffert's work, THE WORLD'S GREATEST SECRET was the first book I read after my reversion on April 16, 1998.

I think WITNESS offers us a pearl of great price:

My Daily Eucharist - Reflection for April 2, 2008

When Elizabeth Seton returned to New York she attended her own church as usual, but chose a side pew which faced the Catholic church opposite. She records that she constantly found herself speaking to the Blessed Sacrament there "instead of looking at the naked altar where I was, or minding the routine of prayers."

Later after she had become a Catholic, she burned with faith at no time more strongly than when she was about to receive Communion.

She wrote: "God is everywhere, in the very air I breathe, yes everywhere, but in His Sacrament of the Altar He is as present actually and really as my soul within my body; in His Sacrifice daily offered as really as once offered on the Cross."

On New Year's Day, 1821, Mother Seton was near death. To receive communion in those days one had to abstain from food and drink from midnight, and when a nurse requested the dying saint to take a beverage she said: "Never mind the drink. One Communion more and then eternity." Thus in the face of death she reminded us that only on this earth is Eucharistic union with Christ possible... an honor even the angels cannot enjoy.

The World's Greatest Secret

John M. Haffert

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