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The Holy Light of Jerusalem...Revisited

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A general description of the annual Holy Saturday event...

Inside the Holy Sepulchre the Patriarch prays kneeling and reading the special wishes requesting our Lord Jesus Christ to send His Holy Light as a gift of sanctification for the people. And in the absolute quietness at the hour when the patriarch prays a wheeze is heard and almost simultaneously blue and white lightnings of Holy Light penetrate from everywhere, as though millions of photographic flashes turn on embracing the walls and all the lamps light up miraculously. In the Holy Sepulchre the torches the Patriarch holds while he prays turn on also by the Holy Light. The crowd bursts out in cheers while teardrops of joy and faith run from the eyes of the people.

For a few minutes the Holy Light doesn’t have the attributes of fire. This happens the first minutes after the patriarch comes out of the Holy Sepulchre and gives the Light to the people. Anyone can touch the fire of the 33 candles and he doesn’t burn. After 33 minutes the flame is normal.

A question from a few years ago...

Miracle of the holy light in Jerusalem

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

Recently, I was asking on the miracle of the "Holy light", that do occur in Jerusalem every Easter Saturday. Many sites do discribe details about it, with some pictures and such... You can take for example: I asked various people if they heard about that matter and most of them replied negatively, and were doubting the genuinity of the event, wondering why is not being broadcasred live on TV for example to show such glorious miracle, and in case it is genuine why majority of us is not aware of it since it is happening on a yearly frequency for centuries. They concluded that they can't confirm anything about the event's genuinity to me, since they don't know it.

Can anyone comment on that, and in case this is true, why the matter is still falling under the very deep ignorance of many people and among them, surprisingly many RC officials for example.

In Christ, we remain, with u all.

Thank You

and a few answers...

Fr. Raphale Vereshack
Russian Orthodox (ROCOR)

Perhaps we have a hard time accepting such miracles because of our pride. If we are self-sufficient and not aware of our dying need for Christ's grace we deprive ourselves of His grace. Then life is flat and without the miracle of Christ's life-giving presence & we take this as normal. It's like living in a grey fog all the time and not knowing how wonderful sunshine is. So if we are humble & try to repent we will sense the miracle of Christ's presence- then other miracles will be natural for us. Would you be able to comment on the changing situation in your country? Are all or most Christians (especially Orthodoxy) in favour of the changes? I hope I am not putting you in a difficult situation by asking such questions. In Christ - Fr Raphael


Fr. Aaron Warwick

Antiochian Orthodox (USA)

I think the fact that the miracle of the Holy Light is not widely publicized gives it more credibility. We don't see anywhere that I can think of in the Gospels where our Lord heals someone and then 'shows off.' He was actually rather discreet about it, in some cases telling those healed not to tell anyone that it was Him who healed them. On the other hand, we have many others today--such as 'charismatics' and/or 'pentecostals'--who tout their miracles even on TV...


Mother Evfrosinia

Christ is Risen! I'm catching up after a long absence. Interestingly enough, this year on Great and Holy Saturday, one of the channels on French television broadcast the entire patriarchal Paskha service from Moscow, followed by a very reverent and informative film about the Miracle of the Holy Fire made in Russia and dubbed in French. So even today's media can do some missionary work from time to time.


Sincerely yours in Jesus and Mary,
Mike Rizzio, SOLT

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