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A Must Read Trilogy

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If I was in a position of authority, I would mandate that very Christian read three books (in order of publication date) The Wellspring of Worship by Fr. Jean Corbon, The Forgotten Trinity by Dr. James R. White, and Contemplating the Trinity, by Fr. Raniero Cantalamessa. Why, you ask?

I read Dr. White's effort in 1999, and it struck me as a source text that serves to undergird the mysteries of the Trinity with scriptural exegesis. It is Dr. White's gift area. Fr. Cantalamessa's book (read this spring) is a hope-filled suspension bridge that could serve to unite the Eastern and Western lungs of the church through, with and in this profound mystery of our faith. Fr Corbon's offering (which I am currently praying through) is an awe inspiring text that leaves me practically speechless. His Melkite perspective is a "confirmation" of all that I am compelled to express.

I will add this much, The Wellspring of Worship seemed to jump off of the book shelf of our founder's old office two weeks ago, much the same way as the World's Greatest Secret did in the Ark of the Covenant library right after my reversion in 1998.

If this is Providential and I think it is, then may you too be edified by this work.

Remember...IT'S ALL TRUE.

In a related note, I welcome all readers (the few that you are) to visit this document: THE MYSTERY OF THE CHURCH AND OF THE EUCHARIST IN THE LIGHT OF THE MYSTERY OF THE HOLY TRINITY

Here are some profound exerpts:

The sacrament of Christ is also a reality which can only exist in the Spirit.

But by the Eucharist the paschal event opens itself out into church. The church becomes that which it is called to be by baptism and chrismation. By the communion in the body and blood of Christ, the faithful grow in that mystical divinization which makes them dwell in the Son and the Father, through the Spirit.

The celebration of the Eucharist reveals the divine energies manifested by the Spirit at work in the body of Christ.

The Spirit transforms the sacred gifts into the body and blood of Christ (metabole) in order to bring about the growth of the body which is the church. In this sense the entire celebration is an epiclesis, which becomes more explicit at certain moments. The church is continually in a state of epiclesis.

…the Eucharist is the center of sacramental life.

That is why the Eucharistic mystery is accomplished in the prayer which joins together the words by which the word made flesh instituted the sacrament and the epiclesis in which the church, moved by faith, entreats the Father, through the Son, to send the Spirit so that in the unique offering of the incarnate Son, everything may be consummated in unity.

(((Divine Liturgy/Mass))) This assembly itself, whose elements and requirements are indicated by the New Testament, is fully such when it is the Eucharistic synaxis. When the local church celebrates the Eucharist, the event which took place "once and for all" is made present and manifested.

It is the "communion of the Holy Spirit" gathering together the scattered children of God. This is why the church finds its model, its origin and its purpose in the mystery of God, one in three persons.
Further still, the Eucharist thus understood in the light of the Trinitarian mystery is the criterion for functioning of the life of the church as a whole. The institutional elements should be nothing but a visible reflection of the reality of the mystery.

But the Eucharist forgives and also heals sins, since it is the sacrament of the divinizing love of the Father, by the Son, in the Holy Spirit.

This is evident in the synaxis not only because the celebration "announces" the event of the mystery, but also because it actually realizes it today in the Spirit.

Sincerely yours in Jesus and Mary,
Mike Rizzio, SOLT

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