Thursday, November 08, 2007

A Rainbow Bridge Over Troubled Water
(Double-click to enlarge, the detail is incredible)
A Dutch dikeman deep in prayer,
as life is hanging on the brink,
and a Covenant Rainbow arches in the sky
J.M.J. + O.B.T. + M.G.R.*
Makes one think back of Hurricane Katrina
and the timing of when it occurred....and maybe even why.

Sincerely yours in Jesus and Mary,
Mike Rizzio, SOLT

Imitate Mary
Become like Jesus
Live for the Triune God

Seek the Light of Our Lord Jesus Christ
See you on the High Ground!

* - J.M.J. + O.B.T. + M.G.R. stands for: Jesus, Mary and Joseph;
O Beata Trinitas; St. Michael, St. Gabriel and St. Raphael

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