Saturday, June 02, 2007

A Natural Rainbow Bridge worth pondering

J.M.J. + O.B.T. + M.G.R.*

Spanning 275 feet, the Rainbow Bridge is the largest natural bridge in the world. It was formed by the action of Bridge Creek as it flowed down from the Navajo Mountain Gradually, an amazing sandstone arch was formed. The Paiute and Navajo tribes named the bridge Nonnezoshe which means “rainbow turned to stone." For centuries, the Rainbow Bridge was considered a sacred spot by the Native American tribes who in habited the area. However, it only became known to the rest of the world in the early 1900s, when an expedition headed by University of Utah dean Byron Cummings and government surveyor W.B. Douglass discovered it. Then, on May 30, 1910, President William Howard Taft proclaimed Rainbow Bridge national monument material. (

Imitate Mary
Become like Jesus
Live for the Triune God

Seek the Light of Our Lord Jesus Christ
See you on the High Ground!

* - J.M.J. + O.B.T. + M.G.R. stands for: Jesus, Mary and Joseph;
O Beata Trinitas; Saint Michael, Saint Gabriel and Saint Raphael

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