Saturday, May 19, 2007

Two Myths...One Truth

J.M.J. + O.B.T. + M.G.R.*

Myth (Side A)


In the late 1920's J.R.R. Tolkien, renowned author of The Lord of the Rings and Roman Catholic, wrote a poem to his Oxford co-inkling and good friend C.S. Lewis, renowned author of The Chronicles of Narnia and Anglican. The work explored salient points of myth as they relate to truth, man's original sin and the fruitful relationship between Christianity and creativity. Plumbing the depths of the poem and finding LIGHT, albeit splintered, it is easy to relate this work to the Great White throne of Revelation and the Absolute Truth that is God.

A key passage of Mythopoeia** reads as follows:

Although now long estranged,
Man is not wholly lost nor wholly changed.
Dis-graced he may be, yet is not de-throned,
and keeps the rags of lordship once he owned;
Man, Sub-creator, the refracted Light
Through whom is splintered from a single White
to many hues, and endlessly combined
in living shapes that move from mind to mind.

Those many hues are meant to remind us of the rainbow bridge that is God's covenant relationship with man a bridge that leads us to the New Jerusalem, our Heavenly home...

That being said we move on to the other side of Myth, the flip-side of the coin, myth that does not teach us about God and man, but rather one that is meant to sell.

Myth (Side B)


America I pray we wake up!

It is common, in-your-face knowledge... the New Age sea dwelling enchantress/goddess (displacing the crowned Blessed Virgin Mary, the Queen of Heaven and the Star of the Sea), the hyper-caffeine addiction, the Madison Avenue hooks a la feng shui *** lighted and styled cafes, the aggressive Planned Parenthood support and now the anti-God and pro-homosexual agenda proudly displayed on their styrofoam cups...

$4.00 for a cup of Jo... "They're dreamin'"
and America is buying it, hook, line and sinker.

Well, contributor Matt Barber provides this retort**** to The Way I See It coffee cup social engineering series, and I couldn't agree more:

The Way I See It #?– “Why do so many in our fallen world revile
God’s natural order when it comes to marriage, family and human
sexuality? Why do we encourage wicked pride in a morally bankrupt,
high-risk lifestyle that’s anything but “gay”? Why do we shake our fist
with hate at perfect Love? Life is short – but it’s never too late for change.”

The Way I See It
is as follows:

The Way I See It #333– “Why do we fail to see the signs of the times and chose to bury our heads in the sand as millions of the most innocent and defenseless members of the human family are murdered---unholy blood offerings to the trident bearing, Red-White-Blue colored neo-pagan god, Consumerism, Convenience and Choice (a.k.a. American Capitalism that knows not God's law)?

Our white dwarf stars are fast approaching Supernova and our bright red-shifted stripes may soon be turned vertical and blackened as outfits befit prisoners we will certainly become as the global situation progresses from very bad to worse.

As we witness the spectacle of man's inhumanity toward man and woman's shameless denigration---objects of worship because the feminine form sells, are we not losing our very soul?

But all is not lost!!!

We have one hope, and that is Our Lord Jesus Christ and the Holy Eucharist.

We must put all our hope and trust in Him. The red and white lights of His Divine Mercy serve as a True Beacon for every human heart, for when the night grows very dark and it will, we must remember to seek His Eucharistic Light on the High Ground---the Holy Catholic Church.

Jonah needed to be cast overboard, swallowed by a whale, and kept alive there for three days before he saw the light and he was still not ready to listen for he remained hardened to the Fullness of Truth of God's will for his life.

The message he was asked to send? SACKCLOTH TIME for the Ninevites.

With American Idol all the rage and Starbucks holding America captive in her split tail grasp, are we any less culpable in our current transgressions from God's law?

For a more sobering view of the Starbucks hook read the article at Please excuse the artwork, for it is racy.

Sincerely yours in Jesus and Mary I am,
Mike Rizzio, SOLT

Imitate Mary
Become like Jesus
Live for the Triune God

Seek the Light of Our Lord Jesus Christ
See you on the High Ground!

* - J.M.J. + O.B.T. + M.G.R. stands for: Jesus, Mary and Joseph;
O Beata Trinitas; Michael, Saint Gabriel and Saint Raphael

** -

**** -


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