Tuesday, May 01, 2007

If the glove fits, you must admit...

J.M.J. + O.B.T.

Oh, if it was only that simple...

(Thanks for the forward assist, Johnnie Cochran... God rest his soul!)


the glove---a sufficient quantity of the empirical evidence of God's handiwork in the created universe was demonstrated to fit the hand---the public revelation of God's hand in His story (recorded in Sacred Scripture) as echoed in the private revelation (recorded in the hearts of believers in the one True Faith)


There must be a full and complete, unequivocal ADMITTANCE, a confession of faith in and movement to, unity in Jesus Christ, through His Eucharist and His One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church.

This joyful encounter and reunion, this meeting of faith and reason would be the sufficient cause for a monumental change in the human condition. It would seem to establish the precondition for the Second Coming, for the Lord tells us in John 12:32, "When I am lifted up I draw all men to myself." By His own command in Luke 19:22, "Do this in remembrance of Me" He is lifted up at each and every Holy Mass...sadly by a dwindling number of believers in this age of the great apostasy that is denying His REAL PRESENCE.

Now if the whole of humanity truly believed this and if they faithfully practiced it, even once, what do you think would happen?

OJ, I mean OK...So, what to do?

Well let us start by running the numbers (energy numbers that is):

Cosmic Background Radiation (CBR) ...3 degrees K
.......Why three?... Is it a mark, a fingerprint of the Triune God?
Speed of Light (C) (in a vacuum) ...3 x 10^8 m/s
.......Why three?... Is it a mark, a fingerprint of the Triune God?
Speed of Sound (v or c) (relative to temp and pressure @ 3 degrees C)...333.1 m/s
.......Why three?... Is it a mark, a fingerprint of the Triune God?

Now I must admit that this basic demonstration of threeness seems slight, although not slight of hand, for it is truly based on observable scientific facts.

If you think it is flimsy evidence, I ask you to dig deeper and put these raw numbers into historical context.

In doing so you will see that the Kelvin scale for Absolute Temperature developed in 1862 is based on the TRIPLE POINT OF WATER and works back to Absolute Zero (0 degrees K).

The temperature for a lightning bolt maxes out at 30,000 degrees, and yet the created universe has a measurable CBR of only three (3) very cold degrees. This startling truth only came to light in the past fifty years--- a 3 degree K heat signature is everywhere in outer space and as such a key component to understanding the theory of cosmogenesis known as the Big Bang. So I ask again, why three?

The metric scale was "christened " in an "enlightened and very anti-Catholic" France in 1799 with the declared intent of being 'For all people, for all time'. One can see God bringing a good out of this evil.

The speed of light was measured somewhat accurately by the British scientist, James Bradley in 1728 and thus, the hypothesis of infinite speed was considered discredited. Now this conversion constant C (celeritas, Latin for swiftness) is recognized as the standard for space-time and for distance too, because the metre the basic unit of length, has been redefined (de fide) as the distance light travels, in a vacuum, in 1/299792458th of a second.

This was 1,403 years after the bedrock Catholic doctrine of the Most Holy Trinity was codified at the Council of Nicaea and 165 years after the Council of Trent promulgated the de fide term transubstantiation. So I ask again, why three?

Are you beginning to catch on?

The Catholic Church believes in Truths that predate her very founding because Jesus is the Alpha and the Omega through, with and in whom all that was made was made. Furthermore, the Church has been grafted onto the root stock of Orthodox Judaism so, we can comfortably relate these scientific numbers all the way back to types of Jesus and His Church as they were concealed in the Old Testament before they were revealed in the New. In her Nicene Creed, the phrase "Light from Light" is used to express the oneness of the Godhead in all His creative Divine Action, in all His energeia (Greek for energy).

The scientific community measures natural phenomena in the energy realm that reveal a pattern...a pattern of three, in absolute temperature, and absolute speed of light and relative speed of sound not unlike the patterns of three that are found throughout the book of Genesis, "the birds of the air, the fish of the sea and the creatures of the land, etc."

And this is just so because as Moses aptly put it..."In the beginning"...He created in His (plural, i.e., three person) image and likeness!

God bless you and GODSPEED!

Mike Rizzio, SOLT

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