Wednesday, March 28, 2007

In Spain in 1731 there was LIGHT, and understanding

by Narciso Tomé (1721-1731). Toledo, Spain

J.M.J. + O.B.T.

In response to the vertical impulses produced by the altar, light descends through the gothic vaults featuring arches and tracery boldly perforated by Narciso Tomé to favour the mystical encounter between the angels and saints in an exaltation of the Eucharist. (

At the apex of the Holy Sacrifice of the MASS, the alter Christus (priest, standing in for the High Priest, Jesus Christ) lifts the HOST/CUP heavenward and repeats the sacred formula for the consecration, "This in my Body, this is my Blood." This supreme act is not unlike the (+) pole of a lightning bolt that is both attractive and receptive. In the lifting up of perfect HIS self-offering to His Almighty Father, Christ draws down the power of the Holy Spirit, the almighty power to bestow life. This (+) is bonded to the descending (-) to COMPLETE the Spiritual Lightning Strike.

(This is reflected in the clouds too, for in the physical realm the completed circuit of lightning it is hottest reality on earth---30,000 degrees Kelvin.)

This analogy of cloud-to-ground lightning is extremely telling. As the priest seeks LIGHT on the HIGH GROUND (in the Holy of Holies, the Sanctuary) he receives the higher power two times from the Holy Spirit. Now, each reception is full and complete, a unity, a oneness...1 x 1=1.

Christ as Emmanuel is present, God with us!

This profound mystery, this Holy Higher Power,
flows from the Lord the Giver of Life,
the Holy Spirit and Christ's being
is actualized---made really present---
in the MASS, on the altar,
reserved in the Tabernacle,
and exposed in the monstrance.

Almighty Power
from God Almighty

Emmanuel = MASS (LIGHT x LIGHT)

"…arc lights pale and ineffectual
in the bright light of everlasting truth."
-Malcolm Muggeridge, 1968

Imitate Mary
Become like Jesus
Live for the Triune God

Seek the Light of Our Lord Jesus Christ!
See you on the High Ground!

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