Friday, September 01, 2006

The Old One and His Secret

J.M.J. + O.B.T.

Albert Einstein referred his life-long passion
as seeking to understand the "secret of the Old One."

I just found this little poem that is well worth understanding


Einstein - poem
by Robert Pack

Originally published in Whole Earth Review, Summer, 1987

After 1926, Einstein...lost contact with the "old One" and the creative physical intuition he possessed for more than twenty years. The delicate balance between innocence and experience, prerequisite for creativity, tipped toward experience. As [one] physicist said when he heard of Einstein's opposition to the new quantum theory, "We have lost our leader." Einstein held the classical view of determinism to the end of his life. For him, it was unthinkable that there was arbitrariness and chance in the fundamental structure of the universe. --Heinz Pagels, The Cosmic Code

Yes, one needs innocence to be
in contact with the "old One," hearing Him
assert His order in the image
of a burning bush. And cosmic whim
as arbitrary chance--
the fundamental structure of uncertainty
throughout the universe--that, too,
takes innocence to see,
like youthful Einstein's "glucklichste Gedanke
meines Lebens," his life's happy fate
to think that an observer falling freely will
not feel his body's weight;
compared with other falling bodies, he'll
perceive himself to be at rest.

Like Moses humbled by amazing flames,
ecstatically possessed
by his Creator's "I AM THAT I AM,"
Einstein envisions light that bends
in a straight line, since finite space is curved,
and thus he comprehends
that gravitation is geometry!

Oh, in holy wonder, how
all matter moves within a space-time warp
reveals its law to him; he now
knows gravitation is equivalent
to increased motion: where we live,
our restless place of earthly rest, our home,
and where we go, are relative.

Newtonian experience, he still insists,
shows all events must have a cause,
and so the "old One" turns
away from His own chosen son;
in that dim pause
the age of randomness is born.

The "old One" shakes His head,
while at the quantum border of uncertainty--
"We've lost our leader," someone said.
Barred from the promised land--
in which all forces might be unified
within a single law--
his strict faith held until he died;
he loved Mozartian serenity, and yet
would not take morphine for his pain:
"I want to go when I want . . .'

Einstein argued with the void.
His eyes remain a light to us--although
his nurse reported she had heard
but couldn't, at his death bed, understand
his muttered, final German word.

Robert Pack is on to something here...Einstein appears to have been blessed with a tremendous mind. Like Moses (and I might add Solomon) this blessing carried with it a great responsibility. Ethical behavior??? The consequences of Einstein's failure to fully acknowledge his relationship with God, the Father of Lights, the source of all his talent...are legendary.
IMHO God still does not play dice, but He does allow us to think he does.

LIGHT, LIFE, LOVE...those three haloed words


Imitate Mary
Become like Jesus
Live for the Triune God

Seek the Light of Our Lord Jesus Christ!
See you on the High Ground!

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